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fabulous ladies, where fabulous ladies meet - 20.11.17

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At Fabulous Ladies, we aim to encourage and facilitate women to be the best they can be. Fabulous Ladies was established by Michelle Fowler in June 2015 and is a bethany of information specifically created to help women find their “fabulousness”. The information can also be enjoyed by men.


What is fabulous? It is a term used by the author to encourage women to become the best they can be. It does not necessarily refer to the superficial beauty of a woman but to the potential to be the best “woman” she can be. This allows women to always look and feel good. Being fabulous allows you to love yourself with all your positive attributes and shortcomings.


The magazine is updated monthly. These articles are written by women who are specialists in their respective fields. Look out for our tips, guidelines and updates. I am sure you will find something that you can relate to and will take your life journey in a positive, new direction.


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